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this is Sio
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The Orange Core

Welcome to the Orange Core.

Identify yourself; are you in Orange right now?

If you are, enjoy your stay.

If you aren't... who is Orange to judge?

Now, time for a word from Orange's first core dweller..



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core paper

'Llo there,

My name is Sio.

The rest of my name is a secret, which you can uncover by reading the link to this page (.com is not part of it).

It's been 20 years since I was born, and since then my life has consisted of alternating two worlds. The one I can see with my eyes open, and the one I can see when I'm not paying attention to what my eyes are seeing.

As I dwell across Orange, I indulge in learning all kinds of technical skills, as well as colorful expressions, in a never-ending attempt to show myself, my parents, and a couple of other people what that core is supposed to feel like.

From sounds, to electronic grooves, to full-band arrangements, to mixes, to shows, to on-the-nose autotune, to choreography, to music videos, to drawings, to digital designs, to strange websites that visitors have no idea on how to interpret; no art form gets spared from my spiralling fate as Orange's core dweller.



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